by Head Clouds

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released April 23, 2015

This EP was recorded by George Carpenter at Soundpark in Northcote and at his home studio Little Pink on the Gold Coast in late 2014 - early 2015.

Jayke plays guitars, bass and sings
George plays drums, percussion, organs and synths

1, 2, 4 mixed by Brandon Eggleston
3 mixed by George Carpenter

Mastered by Brian Lucey

All songs by Head Clouds

Cover Art by Josef Ruckli



all rights reserved


Head Clouds Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Pastoral No. 4
Drive the mountain road
Past each calling stone
At every foothill lay your head

In every recess crawl
Through every boarded door
Into the open where as the day lasts
Find a level plain and cast
You're tired and unseeing eyes on a scene past

Ply the trades of old
Let all their skills take hold
It is water in your hands

Pour out the callous tones
Splinter each branch you've grown
Shatter the mirrors in your path strode

See your new visions glow
And accept their horror
As your new gleaming hope
Fit with nothing you have known
An old terroir displaced

As you find your severed limbs
Out there on the salt flats
You are whole then once again
But that is an empty promise

I'll be laying low
For the summer years
I need the taste
Of ash on my tongue
That the colder winds
Call up from off the pyre
Track Name: Clothed & Unclothed
The clothed and unclothed
Are tamed by the same thing
Desire unfettered
Blowing through their hair on the wind
I know it comes and goes
It doesn't mean you need it and you don't
Its the crux by which you're bought and sold
It never leaves
You are its host

In a pile of crates

The placed and displaced
Are always carefully arranged
In the neat rows of wild vine
Bearing heavy fruit
But only when it's time

I know it comes and goes
It doesn't mean you feel it and you don't
In every atom its presence known
It's the cancer for which you're host

Blind ruin
In a pile of crates

Food for a year
Colour television
For the fear
Track Name: New Light of the Equinox
You rode me into the dust
I was a bull in the new light of the equinox

I'm a sculpture of dust
How I glitter in the new light of the equinox

Sun outage times in the paper
So we know when we can't
Seek the same means of communication
On the phone
On computers
We are left with just our pithy voices
Sounding cold
Sounding hollow
In the sun that falls hard on our shoulders
We are lost in an instant
And found there in each of our places
For we trust that the light won't betray
For we trust in the new light today
Track Name: Witness in Bad Faith
I met you on the basement floor
You were dormant and sleeping there
In a fool's way I raised a song to wake you
And in a fool's way I succeeded
But it was not success that I wanted
In the half-light I know so well
You met my gaze

I am a witness in bad faith
I am a body of muddied water

In a place where there isn't much light
I can rest
On a bed which boasts no cushion
I can sleep
For the light is a reminder
Of a wholesome but torn belief
And the cushion is a luxury I cannot appease

I will come clean
Maybe not today

I will be clean
With a new name