Up On Hellfire Ridge

by Head Clouds

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UOHR is about world-making, fake historical accounts and small mythologies. It's about moments in time flaring up in their splendour then dying out almost as soon as they came.
It was very fun making it, and it is our first offering, we hope you enjoy it.


released November 18, 2014

James Durman: Lead Guitar and father/son most improved football launcher, driveway disc mvp
Andrew Geisel: Drums, Percussion, Sagely advice and Grandaddy
Ali Maddison: Saxophone, BV's, Brotherly love, will-o-the-wisp
Jayke Maddison: Vocals, Guitar, sister-in-arms
Ken Mastumoto: Bass, living-room coffee merchant, maschine-wrangler, mon-fri psychoanalytics

All songs by Head Clouds.
Recorded by Thomas Garnett.
Mixed by Brandon Eggleston.
Mastered by Jack the Bear.

A huge thank you to everyone involved in the making of this record and to those who influenced and inspired its creation.

Jake O'Brien (trumpet) is featured on 1, 2 and 9.



all rights reserved


Head Clouds Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Green Crested
Green crested gold uniform
The eight a.m. sun with the strength of a newborn
Upon the dead leaves on the worn clay courts
There is a shifting sea of shade and light
The bell tolls clear and high
Yet it tells not of what it brings forth
Track Name: Mirror's Image
In the face of the commoner's stare
I am the mirror that judges them fair
Sometimes I shatter and leave them no luck
I can't say I always stick to my part

In the image on my pristine shell
You see the bottom of a sunlit well
You see the bottom of the well is dry

But it's just the mirror's image that caught your eye

I come and go
My mind turns slow
Cannot halt it's going-ons

On the surface I swirl with black mass or lack thereof
Behind a veil of curtains
Whose hand was it that drew them?
Or rather painted such dense night?
Or rather painted with such lack of light?

But this darkness is a blessing
It will be known

I've been the cold, the warm and the bold
Who can say which one is true

Maybe I was born into fog and cannot, see the lighted way
Yes, I think it's right to say that I was, will not see the way
Track Name: Capture & Release
You would hear them say:
"I love to hear her cry out"
In the darkened hall
You knew where each of them stood
With a foot that hugged
The other foot's boot
If you could hear their laugh
The way that I could
How it bloomed and stopped short
If you could hear their scream
From the pit of their gut
Your song would go: ( )

Black-clad figures clutch at the hilt and then you are lost
Release at last into the coming dark, Julia
Track Name: Overfloweth
Ten years old and coming down from sugar
Out there on the sodden road
Kneeling in the gutter
Muck and leaves combining in new and impressive ways
In the coming dark he is fishing out discarded, forgotten relics
Caked in years of our foul ways
Caked in years of our hyperbole and hate

When he's filled with tearing hunger
Pristine waters wait to clean
From the basin of his soiled hands
It's joyous body teems
Overfloweth in the wet dawn
Overfloweth in the night
Overfloweth in the school yard
Where the sun beams hot and bright

Shade of the eucalypt
Where everything is still
Far off in the outer fields
The closing night is spun
Visions of the long morning no one can outrun
But he knows thats a foolish thought and a distance always covered

When he's filled with tearing heartache
Polished metal plainly gleams
From the basin of his calloused hands
His stomach bile teems
Overfloweth in the deep loch
Overfloweth from towers high
Overfloweth in the courtyard
Where the sun pools red and dry

Caught in their crossfire
Caught in their web
Track Name: Code Strings
Lone tree
In my viewpoint
Pine needles
Through low cloud
Erase all computers
From my memory
And code strings
They wrap me up
And strangle my reaction

Lone tree
In my viewpoint
Pine needles through low cloud
Erase all computers and code strings they push
My past into murky backwaters
There it sinks
Numbed by information
Track Name: Up On Hellfire Ridge
We can smell burning flesh on the wind
Acrid smoke in a neat column up on Hellfire Ridge
We'd be crushed if they found us, if they did
In the beech hollows clinging to our servant's skin

My spirits weak
You have the will of a demon
We are the cattle drove
Not yet bleating for their mercy
Sapped of the strength I had
Nothing outward can inspire
I am the blooming flower
Cut off at the stem

When morning comes, feel a little better
When nothing lunges at me
I can smile without conviction
You are standing on the hill
Where the trees are sparser
There diffused light covers you
And that is the way you like it

Back to the town
Only ruin to admire
All of the people there
Are silenced forever
You knew the name of each one
Gaunt faces in a plume
Caught on their journey into nothing
By the morning sun

We cut down the greatest pines
Just the two of us
It took all our strength and more
To haul them from the basin
They stand erect and silver-capped
By the glistening road
Black wire strung-up overhead
Sagging lower through the years
Track Name: Admission Slip
Pile up rubbish
By the front door
Head over to the salon
Pour a drink, a ticking clock, a cannonball

Our laughs are one's of jackals
Spiking through some wintry night
Our new arms stretching ever, ever outward
It never fades, ringing out, even at dawn

I bought a dream with an admission slip
Hell, I bought it twice
Now, I will go to the depths
I am told, there is warmth, cleaner air, softer light
Track Name: Rustling Leaves in the Kingdom Dark
Cool night's breeze through the window
Rustling leaves in the kingdom dark
I am a blood-clot to man's good image
In the morning breaking through the town hall doors

Coming to you
Even though you don't need me to
Coming to you
With nothing left to say or do

Cool night's breeze is coming for me
Through the empty days wet with heat
When I am caught in the path it's running
To valley floor and mountain peak crowned in fog

Coming for you
Even though you won't need me to
Coming for you
With all there is to say and do

I'm gripped by the throat
Hands from which nothing comes
By them I will come to know my goal

Rustling leaves in the kingdom dark
Track Name: May Your Purest Visions Keep
Too many men decided
To lay their lives right down
At the foot of pious kingship
Whose way is mostly lost very rarely found
Clad in fire on the town square
In the shadow of the steeple
You are righteous, true and threadbare
May your purest visions keep